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2022-07-27 15:52:41 By : Mr. David zhao

Zephyr UAS Smashes Its Own Endurance Record, May Still Be Up There

25 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from New Atlas

"Its latest test was launched on June 15 by a US Military cross-functional team. In a press release issued late last week, the team said it had reached 36 days aloft, and was still flying over the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona."

25 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from Electrek

"The result is an all-electric walk-in van that utilizes 'x-by-wire technology,' demonstrating more modular flexibility to develop and scale commercial EVs from classes 2b to 6."

25 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from The Guardian

"...younger motorists see cars differently to their parents...[they] are increasingly happy to look at subscription models where there is no more than a monthly cost."

24 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from WJAC-TV

"Even with gas prices dipping slightly, Bien Concepcion says he's still happy driving an electric vehicle...To charge the car at home probably costs us about $10 from empty-to-full, so it really doesn't cost us much, even with today's prices."

24 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from Yahoo Finance

"Who will actually buy EVS? New polling from AAA finds a quarter of Americans will likely buy an EV as their next car; however, high purchase prices remain the No. 1 reason that consumers might hesitate to take the plunge."

24 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from Sportsskeeda

"Along with the proposed race in downtown Chicago next year, there were also leaked documents that suggested an electric exhibition series next year....now officially spoken publicly about its plans to test a prototype electric car next year at the Coliseum in Los Angeles."

24 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from Jerusalem Post

24 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from CNN

"This is territory Cadillac hasn't occupied since at least 1957, when Cadillac offered the Eldorado Brougham...400 were entirely hand-assembled, not made on an assembly line.

"The shift towards electrification - for Cadillac as well as the industry as a whole - provides a unique opportunity for Cadillac..."

23 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from Time

"VinFast wants to entice American EV shoppers with a unique proposition: a 10-year warranty and a sticker price that doesn't include the cost of the battery...buyers will have the option to lease batteries from the company for a small monthly fee."

23 Jul 2022  | Abstracted from Electrek

"LMFP batteries have a theoretical energy density that's 15-20% percent higher than LFP batteries, but at a similar price point...it appears...help keep costs down - a big plus for EV innovation and hopefully less expensive EVs..."

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