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Warzone’s Caldera is set to receive another major update in Season 4, so here are all of the map changes coming to the Pacific.

Warzone Season 4 arrives on June 22, bringing the brand-new Resurgence-style Fortune’s Keep map. But that’s not all, as the devs have revealed the major changes coming to Caldera in the Season 4 update.

Warzone’s Caldera has seen significant change since its arrival in December 2020. With the introduction of Redeploy Balloons, the Underground Transit System, a lighting overhaul, and new POIs, it plays almost completely different from how it did at launch.

Although most of Season 4‘s hype surrounds the new Fortune’s Keep map, Raven Software aren’t letting Caldera gather dust. While discussing Season 3 with CharlieIntel, Warzone’s Director Ted Timmins teased that Season 4 brings “one of the biggest shifts Caldera has had since launch.”

With the new season fast approaching, Warzone’s devs have revealed the Caldera we’ll see in Season 4.

Call of Duty revealed the new Caldera map on June 15, stating that there will be “new micro-POIs,” “Secret underground Mercenary Vaults,” and 50% less vegetation for better visibility.

You can check out the full map in the image below, where players were quick to spot a fan-favorite location from Verdansk.

Players quickly spotted that Verdansk’s Storage Town has now appeared to the southwest of Mines, replacing the ancient ruins that were there before. This is likely one of the micro-POIs mentioned in the tweet.

Timmins also said there will be even more easter eggs to discover in Warzone Season 4, so perhaps these underground Mercenary Vaults need to be opened similarly to Rebirth Island’s Golden Vaults.

For now, we’ll just need to wait and see the “plenty more surprises” that the devs have in-store, which will hopefully be detailed in the roadmap ahead of Season 4’s launch.

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Warzone players have been reacting to the new Caldera map changes coming in Season 4 of the battle royale, even spotting hidden details.

Raven Software announced that Warzone Pacific Season 4 will bring changes to Caldera, showing off an image of what the map will look like in the new season, leading to player reactions.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 has officially been announced, and as well as a brand-new Resurgence-style map in Fortune’s Keep, the devs also announced changes to Caldera.

Warzone’s Caldera BR map hasn’t been the most popular since its release. Despite changes to make the pacing better in both Season 2 and 3, players still feel as if the map needs more changes. Luckily, Season 4 is looking to bring those changes, but what do the players think?

Over on Reddit, players have been sharing their opinions on the new Caldera map for Warzone Pacific Season 4, which has produced a mixed reaction.

As well as potentially spotting Storage from Verdansk on the Season 4 Caldera map, players have also been reacting to “50% less vegetation & better visibility,” which the Call of Duty Twitter account pointed out.

Under a Reddit post that highlights the new Caldera changes, one user stated: “50% less foliage is huge! Great update.” Clearly not everyone feels this way though, as others are less than impressed: “LOL I didn’t even notice that. I was just like “uhh looks the same?”

Other users noticed further changes to the map, including “new buildings toward the top right between Docks and Airfield,” as well as “A ship in Arsenal dry Dock.”

Even popular Warzone content creator JGOD seems to be happy with the changes, commenting under Call of Duty’s Twitter post: “It just keeps getting better.”

It just keeps getting better

There are probably a lot more smaller changes that players will notice once the map officially goes live, as there’s only so much you can spot on the mini-map.

In general, there seems to be a lot more smaller buildings and locations that players will be able to loot, which should make the map feel denser and flow better.

We’ll have to wait and see just how big these changes are, and if the community feel the update has improved Caldera once Season 4 releases. For now, check out everything we know about Warzone 2.

Thanks to some excellent detective work from the community, we got our first look at the new Vanguard and Warzone Season 4 weapons.

Following the release of the Vanguard and Warzone Season 4 trailer, some players have spotted weapons that could make their way to the game with the new update.

Excitement for Vanguard and Warzone Season 4 is starting to build after the Call of Duty team shared a trailer on June 15. The trailer sees Captain Butcher and Kinglsey face off in the middle of the jungle as two bands of mercenaries attempt to retrieve cash and gold from a fallen helicopter.

As the two factions go at it in the jungle, eagle-eyed players have noticed some new weaponry on display. Let’s take a look at the weapons from the trailer that could make their way to Vanguard and Warzone in Season 4.

The trailer is short, but thanks to some well-timed screenshots you can make out new weaponry that should arrive in Season 4. Players have made guesses as to what these weapons could be on the Vanguard subreddit, and we’ve compiled what you need to know below.

Keep in mind that this is just speculation and guesswork at this point until we know exactly which weapons the devs decide to introduce to the games in Season 4.

Players could receive another LMG in Season 4 after Season 2 brought the Whitley to the game. The Whitley is notorious for being overpowered in Vanguard, which has caused players to be cautious about the possibility of a new LMG

Weapon experts suggest that the LMG could be modeled after the AA-52. The AA-52 was produced in France and it had a tendency to also be used as a vehicle-mounted weapon.

Butcher is seen holding a smaller weapon in the trailer, which has led players to believe that yet another SMG will be introduced in Vanguard and Warzone Season 4. Post-launch Vanguard SMGs have simply dominated Warzone and another one might be on the way.

The Franchi LF-57 is the spitting image of the weapon seen in the trailer. Its stock design is rather unique and the weapon was manufactured in Italy back in the day. The LF-57’s iron sights are said to be simple and minimalist in nature.

Players have spotted a third weapon in the trailer, but this one is the most mysterious of the bunch. While it seems like an Assault Rifle, there are few real-life weapons to compare the gun to.

This weapon is featured for a brief moment and the poor lighting prevents us from getting a great look at it. However, it does share similarities to the Vargo 52 and Nikita AVT, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is truly a new Season 4 weapon.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as more information comes to life and the Call of Duty team reveals the Season 4 roadmap.

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Warzone Pacific Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune is almost here, so here’s everything we know including the start date and Fortune’s Keep.

Warzone Pacific will receive several changes when Season 4 finally arrives, so here’s when Season 3 Reloaded wraps up and what you can expect to see in Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune.

Raven Software frequently add brand-new content and changes to Warzone Pacific through seasonal updates, and Season 3 Reloaded increased the player health on Rebirth Island while also introducing weapon buffs and nerfs.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has officially been announced, releasing on June 22, 2022.

Assuming there are no delays, Warzone’s Season 4 update should go live on June 22, but stay tuned for any official updates from Activision and Raven Software.

Warzone will receive a brand-new map in Season 4 as the Call of Duty team has shared details for a destination known as Fortune’s Keep which is said to contain “new riches.”

While some are slightly worried about the map replacing Warzone’s Rebirth Island, the devs have unveiled a trailer giving a ” VIP tour” of the map, showing off a luxury island map of “high intensity.”

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This is where the magic happens ✨ Take a VIP tour and enjoy the luxury, lavishness, and loot of new high intensity #Warzone map – Fortune's Keep.

In each season of Warzone Pacific, Caldera undergoes significant map changes, and, Raven Software teased in a pre-Season 3 interview with us that Season 4 will bring “one of the biggest shifts Caldera has had since launch.”

On June 15, the Call of Duty Team revealed what changes they have in store for Caldera. It seems the changes will include new POIs, including one that looks similar to Verdansk’s Storage Town, less vegetation around the island to improve visibility, and Secret underground Mercenary Vaults.

First look at the updated Caldera, coming to #Warzone with Season 4 on June 22.

Very little about Warzone Pacific Season 4 has been announced, but each season usually follows a very similar content structure.

With previous seasons in mind, here’s the content we expect to see in Warzone Season 4:

We’ll be sure to update this article with more information about Warzone Pacific Season 4 as it becomes available, so be sure to check back with us!

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Warzone players have been reacting to the new Caldera map changes coming in Season 4 of the battle royale, even...

Thanks to some excellent detective work from the community, we got our first look at the new Vanguard and Warzone...

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